Healthcare should be accessible, affordable, transparent, science and ethics based. While these are ideals we strive for, achievement is often difficult. Rural areas, such as found in much of Idaho, have particular challenges with access and affordability. Burdensome overregulation and cuts in reimbursements have caused many private medical practices to go out of business. Most agree that the issues are complicated and change is needed, but what will it look like and who will bring it about? 

Our free market has brought about some of the most innovative healthcare technologies in the world with lifesaving treatments not even imagined just decades ago. While technology is miraculous, ultimately, healthcare is about people. Caring for others who are sick or otherwise afflicted, for me is both a job and a calling. A core principle of my care approach is patient autonomy, which applies to individual care decisions as well as insurance decisions. I do not support government mandated health insurance or unfunded federal healthcare mandates. Voters of District 6, with big changes ahead, we need people who understand healthcare present in government to shape that change and I ask for your vote to support me in doing so.

I support free-market solutions, increased accessibility, sustainable Medicaid and Medicare policies, and preventative, patient-based approaches to all of the healthcare issues we face so that Idahoans will have quality healthcare.