“Idaho Chooses Life has voted to endorse Jen Seegmiller in the upcoming primary election for the Idaho Senate.  Not only did she score well on our candidate survey, Jen has already cast pro-Life votes in the Legislature.”

I am the mother of six who believes that life is sacred. While motherhood is a joy, it is also an enormous responsibility. I respect a woman’s right to choose when and if she bears children and support ready access to birth control to prevent unwanted pregnancy. As a healthcare provider, I have firsthand experience caring for women whose personal agency was taken from them by rape or incest as well as life-threatening medical conditions where abortion may be considered an ethical choice. The pain and emotional toll in such circumstances is heartbreaking. Crisis decisions should be weighed carefully between the pregnant woman, her partner, her medical providers, and God.

We cannot believe ourselves a civilized nation if we fail to acknowledge and protect the most vulnerable and innocent members of society.  Babies have no voice to demand legal redress for their fundamental right to life, as guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States. Too many Americans have forgotten this.

I will defend a baby’s right to life.

I will also defend women’s access to birth control, autonomy to make life-threatening medical decisions, and prompt access to care and pregnancy prevention following sexual assault.