Many Idahoans are struggling from the effects of government policies imposed over the past two years. While Idaho’s economy is stronger than other states, people are feeling strain from increasing expenses and eroded savings. The health of our national economy is closely tied to government policies, which unfortunately, have gone badly awry with inflation rates now hovering around 8% up from 1.23% in 2020. Idahoans need low taxes and steady living-wage jobs with available housing, goods, and services to take care of their families and strengthen our economy.

I will fight for state policies that encourage entrepreneurship and innovation by eliminating unnecessary hurdles, keeping taxes low, and minimizing government regulation.

Religious Freedom

In God we Trust

National Motto

Despite societal attempts to erase all religious language from public discourse, America’s founding guaranteed people could worship according to individual religious convictions, with freedom of speech to express the same. The First Amendment states, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” We need leaders who will defend our Constitutional right to worship according to the dictates of our conscience without government interference. As a woman of faith, I will be such a leader. With trust in God, I believe many of our nation’s problems would solve themselves if people would follow two fundamental commandments: love God and love our neighbors.

I defend our Constitutional right to worship according to the dictates of our conscience without government interference.

Fiscal Responsibility

Government does not create wealth of its own accord, but depends on taxes levied on goods and citizen wages. Property taxes should never be such a burden that people risk losing their homes. Allocation and distribution of tax funds should be approached with discipline and wisdom to support the citizens from whence it came. Idaho requires a balanced budget and the legislature is tasked with carrying out this responsibility. The process can get complicated, but should always be transparent. I am proud that Idaho has a long tradition of fiscal responsibility while other government entities foolishly spend money they don’t have that will take generations to repay.

I support transparent, fiscally responsible policies for Idaho that maintain a balanced budget and avoid deficit spending.

2nd Amendment

Idaho has a proud hunting heritage and a population that cherishes our Constitutional right to bear arms. Like all gun owners, I know that all rights come with responsibilities. I support policies that encourage responsible gun ownership and keeping weapons out of the hands of criminals and those who are mentally ill. Children should have a safe learning environment without threat of gun violence. I support efforts to protect Idaho’s children and believe we can accomplish this goal without infringing on Constitutional rights.

I stand firmly against erosion of our constitutional right to bear arms, supporting legislation that protects 2nd Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens.


“Idaho Chooses Life has voted to endorse Jen Seegmiller in the upcoming primary election for the Idaho Senate.  Not only did she score well on our candidate survey, Jen has already cast pro-Life votes in the Legislature.”

I am the mother of six who believes that life is sacred. While motherhood is a joy, it is also an enormous responsibility. I respect a woman’s right to choose when and if she bears children and support ready access to birth control to prevent unwanted pregnancy. As a healthcare provider, I have firsthand experience caring for women whose personal agency was taken from them by rape or incest as well as life-threatening medical conditions where abortion may be considered an ethical choice. The pain and emotional toll in such circumstances is heartbreaking. Crisis decisions should be weighed carefully between the pregnant woman, her partner, her medical providers, and God.

We cannot believe ourselves a civilized nation if we fail to acknowledge and protect the most vulnerable and innocent members of society.  Babies have no voice to demand legal redress for their fundamental right to life, as guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States. Too many Americans have forgotten this.

I will defend a baby’s right to life.

I will also defend women’s access to birth control, autonomy to make life-threatening medical decisions, and prompt access to care and pregnancy prevention following sexual assault.


Healthcare should be accessible, affordable, transparent, science and ethics based. While these are ideals we strive for, achievement is often difficult. Rural areas, such as found in much of Idaho, have particular challenges with access and affordability. Burdensome overregulation and cuts in reimbursements have caused many private medical practices to go out of business. Most agree that the issues are complicated and change is needed, but what will it look like and who will bring it about? 

Our free market has brought about some of the most innovative healthcare technologies in the world with lifesaving treatments not even imagined just decades ago. While technology is miraculous, ultimately, healthcare is about people. Caring for others who are sick or otherwise afflicted, for me is both a job and a calling. A core principle of my care approach is patient autonomy, which applies to individual care decisions as well as insurance decisions. I do not support government mandated health insurance or unfunded federal healthcare mandates. Voters of District 6, with big changes ahead, we need people who understand healthcare present in government to shape that change and I ask for your vote to support me in doing so.

I support free-market solutions, increased accessibility, sustainable Medicaid and Medicare policies, and preventative, patient-based approaches to all of the healthcare issues we face so that Idahoans will have quality healthcare.


The divisive political rhetoric over the past years has become increasingly hostile, which helps no one. The political process takes time – it’s meant to – and no amount of name-calling will improve the process. We each have different experiences that inform our opinions and sharing these perspectives can be enlightening. You, of Idaho’s Legislative District 6, deserve representation by someone who stands for Republican principles while respectfully communicating with others.

I support and will defend our Constitutional right to free speech. I also support basic manners and respecting fundamental human dignity.


Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.


Public education was a founding principle for this nation, moving us from an age where only the wealthy could afford to study. I believe in the transformative power of education, which enlightens and expands the mind beyond individual experience. Ongoing government support of education must be approached with wisdom and nonpartisan altruistic intent. For their dedicated efforts to enlighten young minds, the state has an obligation to pay wages teachers can live on. While public education works for most children, it is not for all. I have home-schooled as well as enrolled my children in public and private school, depending on individual needs, local conditions, and our family circumstances.

I support and will defend quality public education, school choice, and parental rights in deciding how to educate their children.

“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.”

Albert Einstein