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Learn More About Why Jen Seegmiller Is Running For District 6 State Senator

ByMarisa Lloyd

PublishedApril 22, 2022

LEWISTON – Jen Seegmiller has a passion for helping better the lives of individuals in the community and is running for State Senator to be a voice for health care in Boise.

Seegmiller is a family nurse practitioner, educator, and mother of six. After growing up in a military family, Seegmiller mentioned she came to Idaho to live on a 37-acre farm just outside of Moscow. She explained she loves every part of the area, and now, her husband is able to live out his dreams of being a cowboy.

After being able to substitute in the legislator during the pandemic, Seegmiller decided it was her time to step up and serve Idaho in a new way. She explained she realized the legislator needs more health care providers because an individual cannot help the industry if they do not understand it.

“I am used to solving hard problems,” Seegmiller said. “My skill set is very transferable. People come with fairly complicated issues and they need someone to solve them who can keep a level head and aren’t going to panic.”

Seegmiller explained the issue with health care currently is simply a lack of education. From individuals using the emergency room as a primary care doctor to prescribing a medication to a patient and them not taking it. She mentioned her goal is to get people healthy so they can take care of themselves.

Taxes are another issue Seegmiller plans to tackle if elected. She mentioned she wants to look at the budget with a new approach. Seegmiller further explained that lowering just one form of taxes doesn’t do much, as it just shifts the burden.

“[We need to see] where is it being spent, and how is it being spent,” Seegmiller said. “When it is our own money, we don’t want anyone else coming for it”.

During her time as a substitute, Seegmiller was able to sit in on the Joint Finance-Appropriations Committee. She explained that the state budget is far from a simple household budget. Seegmiller mentioned that Idaho has a system where legislators must maintain a balanced budget and avoid deficit spending, however, it is all about balance in where each dollar goes.

As a hard-working community member in Moscow, Seegmiller explains the community has an amazing opportunity to rebuild and she plans to work hard in doing so if elected.

“We as a district, have the opportunity to rebuild our economy,” Seegmiller said. “The state has the ability to use our resources from the University. To utilize our lawyers, doctors, ranchers, and everything in between. We have good people, who work hard. I trust people want to do the right thing and help others.”

To learn more about Seegmiller and her views, check out her website at